Breeders of Working Cocker Spaniels - Company Message
Meadowcocker Lady Charlie aka Charley.
Born 19/07/2008
PRA/FN/Eye checks all clear.
Meadowocker Coco Channel
aka Coco.
Born 15/10/2011 - 14/02/2018
PRA/FN/Eye checks all clear.
Ebony Elsie aka Ebony.
Born 03/12/2005 - 19/09/2018
(now retired)
Billy Boy aka Billy
Born 12/02/2013
PRA/FN/Eye checks all clear.
Available for stud

Ebony's first litter 4 dogs and 1 bitch.
Mayhem in the garden.....
Sleep time......
Proud mums....
Gizmo (gremlin by name....)
Two against one....
Ready when you are....
I didn't do it mum....
Come on Boy, smile for the camera!
Coco's first litter born
Honest I haven't been in the shed.... no its not paint on my face....!
Woooo.... so I put my left foot in..
Awwww, come on... wait for me!
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