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Pup free household again, bitches all at rest now till later in the year.

Billy is a dad again, following his stud in November, Dottie has produced 5 healthy pups!

4 stunning pups born to Coco this afternoon, my first ever normal birth!  All other have been in the early hours.

Following two successful matings, I can confirm Coco is pregnant following her scan today.

Surprise litter of pups born to Charley today!  Had suspicions, however, Billy has proven he can produce stunning pups!

Not quite as to plan, I fell downstairs shattering my ankle.  So planned mating with Charley is on hold.

Just a quick update, following two litters latter part of 2014, Coco and Charley are at rest till later this year possibly beginning of next year however, Billy is available for stud.
Estimated due date, no sign, no change in temp.
Coco season finally arrived.
Wow, we have technology!!!  Can now accept card payments for pups and also on
Scan time! 5 poss 6 wriggling little pup!
Coco season overdue.....
Billy Boy all set for his gundog training, slow going but progress being made.
Charley off to second covering with Alfie, a stunning blue roan with a nature to die for!
Watch this space for updates
Deposits received for all of Coco's pups, with one even going off to slightly warmer climates in Jersey!
Well just a quick update, 2013 has been a busy year here at Meadowcocker with 3 litters of puppies from Ebony, Charley and Coco respectively.  Acheiving Accredited Breeder status (again) and a new dog to add to the pack, Billy - who once old enough will be used for stud (external bitches).
Coco had 4 puppies, 3 dogs and 1 bitch.  All doing well and vet checked following birth.
Following Ebony's puppies all going off to their new homes, we had Ebony spayed for health reasons and a lump removed from her mammory glands.  Pleased to say nothing to worry about and she is living the life of reily now!!
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